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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  September 15, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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while. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today" on a monday. i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson. i saw pumpkins for sale at the grocery store. >> they're out there. >> it's that time. it's feeling like that time. meteorologist brittney shipp's in the first alert weather center. it's chilly, brittney. >> it is chilly. summer's officially winding down. temperatures are really fall-like as we head into the rest of the workweek. it's a cool start, temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s. a live look outside right now. we are going to see clear skies and then eventually plenty of sunshine as we head into the rest of your monday morning. for philadelphia, 54 degrees. humidity's at 75%. light wind speeds right now out of the north-northwest. if you're going to be in the poconos, today's high is 64 degrees. in the city, 75. and closer to the shore, in the low 70s. plenty of sunshine for all of our locations, but i am tracking the return of showers, and they could affect your morning commute tomorrow. i'll go over the timing of everything coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. but for now, katy has a closer look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. no accidents to report in any of
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our area roadways. this is a live look at route 1 in northeast philadelphia, right near wissahickon avenue, where you can see traffic in both directions is moving pretty smoothly. there is some overnight construction to alert you to. this is on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound approaching willow grow, which is exit 343. the left and the center lanes are blocked, but that construction should lift in the next half hour or so. there's also a downed pole in upper merion. this is on south gulph road between church road and hayley jackson way. an alternate around that downed pole with some police activity is henderson road. all right, back to that breaking news we've been following for you this morning. the baby that was delivered by emergency c-section after its mother was shot and killed yesterday in philadelphia has died. nbc 10's matt delucia is live outside the hospital where the mom and the baby were rushed to after the shooting. matt, tell us how you've confirmed that the baby passed away. >> reporter: well, chris, this morning we confirmed with temple hospital that the baby died at
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some point overnight. doctors performed an emergency c-section in an attempt to save that baby boy's life, but that baby was not full term and was in critical condition since birth. now, up until this point, neighbors in that frankford neighborhood have been remembering that baby's mother. candles marking the spot where the 26-year-old, megan doto, was shot yesterday, near the corner of adams avenue and griscom street. philadelphia police tell us someone fired several shots down the street, adding that a man close to where doto was sitting may have been the intended target. doto and her unborn child were rushed here to temple university hospital. doto was eight months pregnant. doctors made the decision to rescue the unborn child and doto died shortly thereafter. her baby survived only hours. >> she was getting her life back together, okay, and she had very high hopes for the future. >> i walk over, i saw her lay
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down bleeding. i turned back, because you know, i couldn't do nothing. >> reporter: and folks here at temple say the baby, again, died at some point overnight. police this morning are still searching for the shooter and the vehicle that is believed to have been driven by that shooter, believed to be a light-colored car, an impala or a crown victoria. if you have any information, you're urged to call police right away. live at temple university hospital this morning, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. it is 5:03. new from overnight, about a dozen people are homeless this morning after a fire tore through their row home. it started around 11:00 last night on rosalie street in philadelphia's longcrest neighborhood. the fire was contained to the second floor. everyone got out safely. investigators are now looking for what caused that fire. the pennsylvania state trooper injured in that ambush that took the life of his fellow trooper is now conscious and talking. corporal bryon dickson was killed in the shooting outside of the state police barracks in pike county late friday night.
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trooper alex douglass underwent surgery last night and is said to be alert and talking. the officers were ambushed as one of them was leaving the barracks and another was arriving. nbc 10's vai sikahema is live in our digital operations center with developments in the case. vai, bring us up to speed. >> tracy, this morning, we are hearing the just-released 911 calls from paramedics who were at the scene hovering over a helicopter. take a listen. >> under fire! we're moving the landing zone to the middle school! >> received, report you're under fire. >> state police say that's the communication between a medical chopper looking for a landing zone and pike county 911. they now say the helicopter was not taking fire, and that has been a source of confusion in this case. troopers are checking nearby businesses for surveillance video that could help them find the shooter or shooters. meanwhile, the parking lot of a local church is now a mobile command center for state police as they head a massive manhunt.
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and right now, there's a $50,000 reward that's out there for any information leading to an arrest in this case. live in the digital operations center, i'm vai sikahema, nbc 10. >> and for realtime updates on the search for the shooter, you can go to our website, happening today in philadelphia, governor tom corbett's former son-in-law will be in court for the start of his police corruption trial. gerald gibson is a former philadelphia narcotics officer accused of stealing money in an fbi sting and not turning it over until the agency confronted him about it. gibson is the former husband of governor corbett's daughter, katherine. today, new jersey governor chris christie will meet with new york governor andrew cuomo, new york city mayor bill de blasio, and the department of homeland security, part of an effort to make the new jersey/new york region safer. law enforcement agencies will be involved in a day-long meeting in new york. we'll let you know what comes out of that meeting. happening today, supporters of medical marijuana in pennsylvania are holding a rally in harrisburg. the group will be pushing for action on a medical marijuana bill at the state capitol
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building. now, lawmakers have said that the proposal does have broad support in the senate and a decision will soon be made if they will move forward on a full vote. also in harrisburg, as pennsylvania's general assembly reconvenes today, lawmakers could consider a bill to expand access to the antioverdose drug narcan. the bill would allow trained police and firefighters to carry narcan and would authorize doctors to prescribe the drug to family members of people battling heroin addiction. new jersey and delaware both passed bills earlier this year that will allow first responders to carry the drug. from our delaware bureau, a smart 911 system is up and running in sussex county. residents can create a free safety profile for their household, which includes information like medical conditions, blood types, cell phone numbers and even pictures. that would then be displayed on a dispatcher's screen whenever 911 is called. the information is encrypted, so it is secure. also in delaware, the search continues for a hit-and-run driver who left two teenagers in
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critical condition. wilmington police say the boys were riding dirt bikes when they collided with an suv at the intersection of "a" and townsend streets yesterday. the driver took off from the scene. police are looking for a black or dark blue suv similar to a chevy tahoe or gmc yukon with damage on the right-front side. seven minutes after 5:00. authorities in new jersey are trying to track down two young inmates who escaped from a detention center over the weekend. 18-year-old hakeem walls and 20-year-old jermaine jackson got away from the cumberland county juvenile detention center in hope well township saturday night. officials say the two young men and a juvenile overpowered a guard and ran away. the juvenile was picked up by police a short time later. walls and jackson are still on the loose. it is 5:07. now to the casino crisis in atlantic city. another casino will shut down this week. casino operations at trump plaza are scheduled to end just before 6:00 tomorrow morning. then the hotel will close later in the day. owners have filed for bankruptcy four times, including last
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tuesday. about 1,000 workers will be out of a job. now, trump plaza will be the fourth atlantic city casino to close this year. the atlantic club shut its doors in january and both showboat and revel closed down their operations around labor day. the next casino that could close, trump taj mahal. the owner sent notices to more than 3,000 workers last week, warning that it will shut down in november if it doesn't get concessions from its union. one union says the taj mahal wants workers to give up their health insurance and pension plans to keep the company open. and you can count on nbc 10 to keep you updated on the casino crisis. we have an entire section on our website, you can see a timeline of the casino closings and help for the thousands of employees who are now losing their jobs. good morning. a cool start to the morning. make sure you grab your jacket as you're heading out the door. we're going to continue to see below-average temperatures, so fall-like conditions settling in for us for the rest of your
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workweek as well. for philadelphia right now, 54 degrees, light wind speeds out of the north-northwest at 7 miles per hour. and across the rest of the area, even cooler in the suburbs and the poconos, of course. take a look at that, 39 degrees in the poconos right now. we are still in the last week of summer, by the way. mid-40s here in allentown, 47 degrees in pottstown, 49 in wilmington, low 50s in dover. quiet on our radar. just a few high, thin clouds for us today, but plenty of sunshine expected for the rest of your monday. and we're seeing unsettled weather near the midwest here, stretching down into parts of minneapolis, just to the north of omaha. and part of this energy, a little bit more of this moisture. it's a quick-moving system that is going to head our direction as we head into tomorrow. so, early tomorrow morning you'll notice the clouds are going to start to increase by 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. a chance of light showers mainly from philadelphia stretching into trenton and parts of the poconos. we only expect those showers in the early-morning hours and clearing as we head into the afternoon, giving way to another nice day. our temperatures today, 64 degrees for the poconos.
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our highs in allentown at 66, 65 in quakertown, mid-70s in doylestown. same thing in northeast philadelphia. closer to the shore, we'll stay in the low 70s. 73 degrees in cape may. and around the philadelphia area today, 75 degrees with plenty of sunshine. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. ten minutes after 5:00. grab another cup of coffee. >> i need it this morning! it's chilly outside! >> we all need it. you may need it on the road, too, katy. hopefully, nothing would cause people to sip their coffee behind the wheel longer than necessary this morning. >> i was waiting for that, chris. so, some of the overnight construction that we saw earlier, it's starting to lift around now. still no issues to report on i-95. this is 95 right near the airport, island avenue. traffic is moving great in both directions. there is an issue on 422 eastbound. the ramps to and from armand hammer boulevard, they are closed long term. there's some construction work there. so, it's something we continue to remind you of.
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route 42 at creek road. this is a live look at the northbound where you can see traffic is moving great. to the bridges, to philadelphia, no issues to report there. >> all right, katy, thanks. he's not going down without a fight. this morning we have new information about the ray rice domestic violence case and his plan to appeal his suspension from the baltimore ravens. and rallying over a common cause. the global effort to defeat isis just days after another person is beheaded.
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13 minutes after 5:00. we're following breaking news from overnight. temple hospital, temple university hospital has confirmed that the baby born by emergency c-section after its mother was murdered has died. megan doto was eight months pregnant when she was shot and killed outside her home in frankford yesterday, and now we've confirmed again that the baby delivered by emergency c-section has died as well at the hospital. nbc 10's matt delucia is making phone calls to try to find out more about the search for the shooter. again, they don't think the mother was the intended target in the shooting. matt will have a live report coming up at 5:30. we are following a developing story overseas. diplomats from around the world are in paris trying to come up with a global strategy to combat isis. the conference will focus on peace and stability in iraq, syria, where isis is from, is not on the official agenda. secretary of state john kerry says nearly 40 countries agreed to contribute to the fight, including several arab nations. this comes after the islamic state released a video of british aid worker david haines,
5:15 am
who was beheaded. heino haines was kidnapped in syria last year, similar to james foley and steven sotloff. now militants are threatening the life of another hostage, allen henning. a u.s. citizen has been convicted of entering north korea illegally and trying to commit espionage. north korea supreme court claims that matthew miller tore up his tourist visa in april and intended to experience prison life so he could investigate the human rights situation there. the california resident will now spend six years in a north korea prison. the court has denied him an appeal. protesters continue to call on pakistan's prime minister to resign over allegations of voter fraud. a massive convoy has been parked outside parliament in islamabad since last month. the protesters want the prime minister to step down because of alleged fraud in last year's election. now, protests were peaceful until august 30th. that's when the protesters, some of them, tried to storm the prime minister's residence. three people were killed and hundreds hurt.
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the navy has identified a fighter pilot presumed dead after two jets crashed over the pacific ocean over the weekend. crews were searching for lieutenant nathan poloski for hours following the midair collision on friday. the other pilot ejected and was rescued from the ocean. poloski was a 2009 graduate of the u.s. naval academy. the cause is under investigation. pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist tony auth died. he died yesterday after a long battle with brain cancer. he was a mainstay on "the enquirer's" editorial page more than 40 years and resigned in 2012 to become a digital artist. here are a few examples of the thousands of cartoons drawn by auth over the years. he started in 1971 and won the pulitzer in '76. his sketches were known for stirring political and social debate. he leaves behind his wife and two children. tony auth was 72. happening today, former baltimore ravens running back ray rice is expected to file an
5:17 am
appeal on his indefinite suspension from the nfl. now, this comes nearly a week after that new video surfaced that shows rice punching his then fiancee inside an elevator at revel casino hotel in atlantic city. sources say rice will argue that he told nfl commissioner roger goodell about punching his wife during a meeting with goodell in june when he was initially given a two-game suspension. and as the nfl continues to take heat for its handling of that ray rice situation, there are at least three other players who are facing abuse charges, and some are calling for commissioner goodell's job. the women's rights group ultraviolet flew banners over two stadiums yesterday that read "goodell must go." one was spotted over metlife stadium in new jersey before the giants game, the other in cleveland. >> what we need to see the nfl do now is not only enforce this policy but also start to invest in women's groups that are supporting the survivors of domestic violence. >> among the other players benched because they're facing charges, minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson and the carolina panthers' greg
5:18 am
hardy. the 49ers' ray mcdonald is still playing two weeks after he was arrested for domestic abuse charges. now, on the heels of the ray rice incident, new jersey state lawmakers are taking up a half dozen bills that are aimed at preventing domestic violence. one being considered today would allow victims to testify via closed-circuit video, rather than having to appear in person in the courtroom with the suspected abuser. the taney dragons little league team will be honored at the pennsylvania state capitol today. the team will be recognized on the house floor this afternoon. as you remember, taney had a great run at the little league world series last month. star pitcher mo'ne davis went on to make numerous tv appearancest, and the dragons were named team of the year by the sportswriters association. 18 minutes after 5:00 now. let's get a check of traffic. >> nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has that. what are you seeing? >> unfortunately, we have our first accident into our system. this is montgomery county, in the pensburg area. pottstown avenue, which is route
5:19 am
663, is closed between seminary street and oak road. an alternate around this accident is "a" street or church road. it just came into our system. it will likely be out there for some time. live look at 76 at 476. no issues to report on 76 or 476, and no accidents on our majors in any of pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware. headed into new jersey, this is a live look in cherry hill, 295 right at route 70. free and clear of any issues there. good morning. a cool start on this monday as we head into the start of your workweek. temperatures in the 40s and 50s throughout our area. plenty of sunshine expected for us, but fall-like temperatures, they are here to stay, at least for the next week or so. in philadelphia right now, 54 degrees, mostly clear skies, and our humidity's at 75%. it's going to be a very comfortable day with plenty of sunshine, although clouds will make the return as we head into tomorrow. right now we're at 51 degrees in
5:20 am
northeast philly, 46 in mt. holly, 51 in atlantic city. temperatures on the cooler side. millville at 47. we are down seven degrees in the poconos, down four degrees in allentown from this time yesterday, and down about five degrees in mt. holly. so, if you thought yesterday was a cool start, in some locations it's even cooler today. our average for this time of the year is 79 degrees. we will be below average both on monday and also tuesday with temperatures in the mid-70s. and we're quiet on the radar now, but we'll see clouds increasing as we head into the rest of today. we do have unsettled weather that's back to the west. and as we push into tomorrow, clouds will increase in your early-morning hours. chance of showers closer to 4:00, 5:00. you can see how spotty and light these are, but just a heads-up that we do expect to see changes tomorrow morning. for today, our temperatures will range between 73 and 76 degrees. it will be a cool start but mostly sunny skies. i'll let you know what else to expect coming up in my seven-day
5:21 am
forecast. chris? 20 minutes after 5:00. a tribute to a local police officer killed in the line of duty. it's a memorial that you may notice on your ride to work this morning. and christmas is still months away. i can't even believe we're talking about it, but already the retail arms race is on. we'll check in with the experts at cnbc to find out what stores are doing now to get you shopping early. plus, how playing along with them could save you big money.
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morning. a live look at boathouse row on the schuylkill river. i'm going to guess that the waters of the schuylkill are chilly this morning. 53 degrees as you step outside. you'll want to grab a light jacket. and we are in for a week of below-average temperatures. meteorologist brittney shipp says we may also get some rain tomorrow morning. she'll have more on that straight ahead. well, there's a new study that suggests how you get to work may determine your happiness. researchers surveyed adult commuters in great britain about their commute as well as their overall well-being. those who walked, biked or used public transportation said that they were better able to concentrate, they felt less stressed and were happier than those who drove to work in great britain. >> totally makes sense. well, we're still months away from the holiday shopping season, but retailers are already trying to get your business. hampton pearson has that story in this morning's cnbc business news. hampton, the christmas creep. >> yeah, christmas, okay? christmas, yes. it may be more than three months
5:25 am
away, but retailers are already gearing up, desperate to attract shoppers. that means expect more sales and promotions this year. kmart is luring shoppers with no down payments on layaway orders. walmart will keep all checkout lanes fully staffed during peak shopping hours on weekends from black friday through christmas. target is expanding hours at most of its stores. and toys "r" us has added online layaway and allowing shoppers to earn $5 back for every $125 they spend. and with apologies to 76 icon allen iverson, christmas. we're talking christmas! >> that's good. >> back to you guys. >> thanks, hampton pearson with cnbc. good morning. we are going to see below-average temperatures as we head into the rest of today. expect to stay mainly in the 70s, but a clear start for you. plenty of sunshine on this
5:26 am
monday. and then we're tracking changes as we head into the rest of your workweek. katy? a live look at 63 right near academy road. no issues to report there. traffic is running great in both directions. there are no accidents on any of the majors in our area, but i am following an accident from montgomery county. i'll tell you what to avoid, coming up. we're also looking into an issue that could make or break philadelphia public schools. >> this morning, nbc 10's jesse gary is investigating the cigarette tax and how likely it is to pass. jesse? >> reporter: well, the legislature comes back in session today. before they can vote on that tax, there is a process. i'll toll you about that coming up, chris. miss america crowned last night in atlantic city. in case you weren't up late to see the dramatic announcement, find out who's going to represent the u.s. on the international stage this year.
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we are continuing to follow breaking news this morning. a mother and baby killed. the baby delivered in an emergency c-section died overnight. the mother was shot and killed by a stray bullet sunday. a live update just ahead. and millions of dollars for philadelphia schools are on the line this week as lawmakers return to harrisburg, where things stand on the cigarette tax and the money the district desperately needs. and a chilly start to the workweek, as we look live
5:30 am
outside this morning, boathouse row. we're halfway through september. sure starting to feel like fall. it's just about 5:30. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. fall's here about a week early. i didn't even take a jacket to work today. let's get started with brittney shipp and her first alert forecast. good morning. >> good morning. you will need a jacket this morning, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. a closer look outside right now, mostly clear skies. as we head into the rest of your afternoon, we'll see plenty of sunshine today. it's actually going to be a pretty nice day. it's just fall is here a little early. take a look at the poconos, 39 degrees right now. 45 in allentown, 43 in quakertown, 49 degrees in doylestown, 47 in washington township, in the 50s for northeast philly. closer to the shore, in the mid-50s. 56 degrees in avalon, 57 in beach haven. and our temperatures today will push into the 70s. so, by the time you head out for lunch at noon, 66 degrees. our high today 75. and by